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Driving somewhere and have spare seats? Need a ride somewhere? Enter your preferred starting point, destination and your convenient date and time

Be Matched

Lifta’s ride-matching algorithm pairs you with a driver traveling along your route at the same time and date. No more waiting through another transit delay, cabs that never arrive or expensive ridesharing options.


The moment your ride match is confirmed, we let you know, and you can chat up with the driver or the passenger and plan together on pickup or any other information.

Why Lifta?

Lifta is setting the standards for the future today. With better options for pricing and security, passengers and drivers, have peace of mind knowing that Lifta wants the best experience for everyone. By handing the business back to the  drivers, with tools that empower the ride-share car owner, both drivers and passengers will benefit.

Driver Subscription

The driver subscription plan. One of the first in the rideshare industry that truly benefits the drivers.

100% for drivers

Drivers Keep 100% of their earnings, including tips. Drivers can also be paid, and tipped by either electronic or cash by passengers.

Drivers set their price

Drivers set their own daily mileage, time rates and base fare, while customers receive the best price options in town, with no hidden surge charges. It’s your business, so why can’t you set your prices too?

Lifta Safety features

For added peace of mind, every driver’s details are verified against the government’s database where with a verified account Lifta obtains and automatically uploads the details of the driver including their photo, official names and ID numbers.



Driving somewhere and have extra seats? Post your ride!
Enter details of your trip and set price per passenger. It takes 2 minutes and you can offer a one-off, return or recurring journey.

You set the rules
Carpooling needs to work for you. Set your preferences, for example, whether smoking, music, AC etc. are allowed in the car.

Respond to requests
You choose whether or not to accept requests. Respond as soon as possible and contact the passenger if you have any questions.

You can chat up with the passengers and agree on a convenient place to meet.

Review and repeat
Share your feedback with other members. You get to to keep 100% of the monies collected from ride sharing.  Post your next ride…


Heading somewhere? Search if someone’s headed that way..
Book up to 3 seats for shared journeys – long distance or close by. Driver members are only sharing their costs so this keeps prices down for you.

More flexible than the bus or train
Choose based on price and reviews. The driver member will set out certain preferences on their profile but feel free to ask questions.

Request to join the ride
Request to carpool with a driver headed to the same direction

Enjoy the ride
Agree a convenient time and place to meet. Enjoy the ride with the other riders and make friends.

Review and Repeat
Share your feedback on the driver member and the ride, then search for your next carpooling adventure.

Ride share today

Lifta’s ride-matching algorithm pairs you with a driver traveling along your route at the same time and date. Download the app today and meet new people, share that extra seat and as a driver get to keep 100% of the money collected through the trip.

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